Mark Harris,

"The lead role of Butterfly, as portrayed by Sandra Lopez, was executed with near flawless precision"

Jack Fishman, My San Antonio Home Page

"It was Sandra’s night at the opera...Sandra stole the show with her acting, her musical singing and her incredibly expressive facial expressions... Sandra’s eyes and smile lit up the stage all night."

All Arts Review4U

Every good singer has a note that can raise the hair on your arms and Sandra Lopez gave me chills several times.

Kimberley Cuachon-Haugh, Insider´sPassport

"López received a standing ovation from the audience, and it was notably deserved. Her flawless arias which evoked just enough, pain, and joy made the performance wholesome and non-contrived".

South Florida Classical Review

By David Fleshler
López sang with...power and passion...with a rounded, full voice that delivered at the big moments.

By Lawrence Budmen

Lopez’s high, clear voice and clear intonation was matched by her instinctive sense for the rhythmic pulse and flow of Lecuona’s distinctive songs.

Judith Malafronte, Opera News Online

“…the voice is striking, with Puccinian thrust and metal.”

Lawrence Budmen, Writer & Music Consult.

"Sandra López brought an opulent lyric soprano to the role of Micaela. Her fervor and theatrical temperament brought this often tepid character to vivid operatic life. Lopez’s lyrically soaring performance of Micaela’s third act aria received the ovation of the evening".

Octavio Roca, New Times (Miami -Arts)

“As Micaela, the country girl who is no match for the gypsy, Sandra López basically sang her two arias as a guest star in recital — in truth it could be said the role was written this way — with a luscious, stronger voice than one often expects.”

Elyse Sommer, Curtain Up

“Sandra López is a persuasive Cio-Cio San with a gorgeous and varied soprano voice that does full justice to the always thrilling ‘Un bel di’.”

Lawrance A. Johson, Classical Music Writer

“As Micaela, the rejected good girl, Sandra López brought a secure technique and affecting innocence to the character, singing with precision and sensitivity”

Florent Coudeyrat, Opéra de Massy

“Elle donne aussi à de petites voix la possibilité d’exprimer une fragilité et une subtilité qui, dans une salle plus grande, serait parfaitement inaudible. C’est ainsi que la soprano Sandra Lopez de Haro, merveilleuse Butterfly, a fait sensation à Massy.”

Christophe Gervot, Magazine en Ligne

“Madame Buterfly est le récit d’un aveuglement à l’issue tragique. Dans la vision qu’en propose Olivier Desbordes, Cio-Cio San, que Pinkerton a épousé par jeu durant un premier séjour au Japon, comble l’absence de l’être aimé par des signes visibles d’un changement de culture. Maudite par un oncle, représentant de traditions ancestrales, elle trouve dans ses vêtements, ceux de son fils et le drapeau américain qu’elle brandit, la preuve tangible de son engagement."

Lawrence Budmen, South Classical Review

“Lopez’s high, clear voice and clear intonation was matched by her instinctive sense for the rhythmic pulse and flow of Lecuona’s distinctive songs."

Josua Rosenblum
Opera News

"In Krask´s libretto, Dying Juana and Young Juana are two separate characters, here played by Sandra López and Vanessa Becerra, respectively."
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